We love Camembert and Brie

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Heavenly, creamy and flavourful, Camembert is a firm favourite worldwide. This cheese dates back to the late 18th century. Originating in the town of Camembert in Normandy, it has a minimal ageing time and a strong, pungent taste. Camembert is traditionally made using raw, unpasteurised cow’s milk.

Brie is another celebrated French cheese with similar texture and appearance. It hails from the region of Brie in the department of Seine-et-Marne. Both are soft-ripened cheeses with a soft and creamy texture. Brie has a higher milk fat content and feels creamier than Camembert because cream is added to Brie during the production process. Camembert uses stronger starter cultures than Brie and therefore gives rise to the stronger, earthy and pungent Camembert taste. In contrast, Brie is mild, fruity and buttery.

Both Brie and Camembert should be served at room temperature and can be eaten raw or baked. Serve with a bottle of Pinot Blanc and fresh, crusty French bread. Pinot Blanc is a semi dry white wine with a crisp and refreshing flavour and acidity which cuts perfectly through the creamy Brie and Camembert. Champagne also works wonderfully!

Happy tasting!

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